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Impact of the  'The Doorman'.  Now, we go back to see how opening doors has opened up a larger world for Josh. There will be overflow when you simply bring LIGHT to your school and community.

We introduced you to Josh Yahndt when he made friends by opening doors at his school.  Now, West Jet Airlines has chosen him to be one of eight Canadians featured in a  shoot who inspire and make a difference. 

Opening Doors: More interviews with students about the "Doorman's" impact on his school.

Josh - Opening a door is more than a physical act. It's about putting yourself out there... After being bullied, he decided to make a  change that ultimately had a dramatic impact on Josh's life and his fellow students. 

You Are Special by Max Lucado Illustrated by Sergio Martinez (British English Version)  Buy the book: 

"Ryan's Story" told by his father,  John Halligan, opens up about bullying and the fallout from his son's suicide. 

ABC News 20/20  story about the bullying of Ryan Halligan and its impact on everyone in Ryan's life. 

He  was a broken and rejected athlete until this happened:  Regardless of what we achieve in life, we have to keep striving for our dreams and destiny. 

WATCH "Before you judge someone..." before you assume the worse about someone, put false labels on someone, or neglect to see the value of others.

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