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Training for facilitators & staff

The Center of Light offers training for certification in three levels of values-based character education. Facilitators must be certified per course to teach in workshops, to lead teams of instructors during workshops, and to provide orientation for schools interested in hosting a character education workshop. Facilitators and support staff work alongside a workshop site coordinator to plan and prepare for school programs and events.


Certification of facilitators & staff

Our workshop and seminar methodology is diverse and innovative, thus having excellent facilitators and support staff is a must. That's why most of our facilitators have advanced degrees in their field. They are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their seminars, workshops, and special events. Certification is achieved through an orientation, selected book reading, 8 hrs. of training, and 5 hrs. of workshop experience.


Workshops, seminars, and events

Special events to motivate and kick-start workshops and seminars are scheduled when requested by a school or organization. Workshops are offered in a series of 1 hour sessions, each adaptable for all school-age groups and other audiences. The workshops, conducted in school classrooms, will challenge students at a very strategic time in their development. All workshops, seminars, and follow-up activities use discussion, object lessons, high-energy games, and relevant applications. 

Outcomes of Charcter Education



  • understand their power to change their world  
  • accepts the truth about their identity, value, and destiny as world-changers 
  • confidently makes strategic choices as leaders
  • will have the capability and opportunity to be heard and to make their school better 



  • leverage their gifts and power to focus on students’ value and destiny vs their behavior, labels, and punishment 
  • follow an intentionally prescribed plan of weekly character education sessions, which reminds, refreshes and enhances lessons learned during the workshops 
  • agrees to progressive annual workshops  



  • where the value of everyone is accepted, affirmed, and celebrated 
  • success is determined by annual improvement in:

  1. Behavior referrals to school administrators
  2. Acts of violence and verbal abuse
  3. Reading levels & EOG testing scores
  4. Suspensions & Drop-out rate
  5. Testimonies from students, parents, and faculty

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Character education workshops and strategies

 The Center of Light workshops and sustaining programs are offered to school faculty and students to help them discover their true value along with the power and gifts they possess to fulfill that purpose. 

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