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  1. The Power to Change: Engages students to (1) think about the kind of world they would like to live in, and (2) equips them to make smart, strategic choices.  This allows students an opportunity to envision and determine changes in their world that can bring positive results and ultimately make their environment better for all students and faculty.
  2.  We All Have the Same Value: Equips students to understand their immense, unchanging value and how to affirm the same value of all people. 
  3.  Removing Labels, Rejecting Lies, and Speaking Truth: Encourages students to discern the words, lies, and attitudes which bully and destroy lives. Allows students to remove these false labels from their own lives. Provides freedom and healing by speaking true value to their classmates. 
  4.  You Have a Purpose and Destiny: Enlightens students that they are designed to give gifts of friendship, service, and affirmation to fulfill their destiny in making this world a better place. 
  5.  Peer-mentoring and Goal-setting: Empowers students to encourage and affirm their classmates and teachers with their gifts, words, actions, and attitudes. Students are equipped to develop an action plan for immediately making a positive difference in their school. 

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Character education workshops and strategies

 The Center of Light workshops and sustaining programs are offered to school faculty and students to help them discover their true value along with the power and gifts they possess to fulfill that purpose. 

The Center of Light

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