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Amy Williams --  A 25-year youth ministry veteran, who follows her passion to minister to teens involved in gangs, youth on probation/parole and those lost in the criminal justice system and at the core of which, life-on-life mentoring is her key strategy. 

Humble Tip --  got his start in an odd way after running into one of our friends, Perry Tankard (DJ PDOGG),  in the hallways of Liberty University and finally got him to rap on his show, and the rest is history.  Jason Lewis, Humble Tip, engages students with his Beautiful Tomorrow Assembly

Beautiful Tomorrow Assembly -- this is not your average school assembly. Humble Tip combines a timely and relevant message, with a musical sound that speaks to this generation. See the Githens Middle School principal's endorsement before we kicked-off our Power & Light program at her school.

Bouncing Bulldogs -- this acclaimed jump rope team teaches and performs worldwide in front of thousands of spectators, including sports  fans, health and fitness professionals, corporate employees, students, educators and the general public. The team has won more than 200  national and international championships and 18 world champions. 

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Character education workshops and strategies

 The Center of Light workshops and sustaining programs are offered to school faculty and students to help them discover their true value along with the power and gifts they possess to fulfill that purpose. 

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